Give Your Child the Best Start Educationally with Montessori Singapore

When your child starts school, you want them to be successful and dedicated in their new school environment. To make sure they are truly ready; We can use the Montessori Singapore method to keep your child’s attention long enough to teach them new things.

The Montessori method uses things that your child enjoys, such as different games and activities, in order to teach them about topics such as numbers, letters, and shapes. It’s an easy and convenient way to hold your little one’s attention long enough to teach them things they will use for the rest of their life.


A preschool that uses the Montessori method is likely to use items such as toys or trinkets in order to teach about numbers. This is because we can easily put them into groups for counting, adding, and subtracting purposes. This can help to make it easier, and the best part is a parent’s involvement at home can make the lessons do even more for the child.

For one, allowing your child to help you mix ingredients in the kitchen can be a great way to teach them. Measuring two cups of something such as flour will allow them to learn to recognize the number, giving them a better chance of success later on in school. If a child learns both in school and at home, you’re sure to see them succeed.


Shapes are difficult to teach to a child in normal ways because they can become bored looking at flashcards with different shapes on them. Therefore, a Montessori preschool might allow them to draw a picture and give them challenges as they go. First, they might tell them to draw a circle and turn it into a sun or turn a square into a house.

As they go, your child will learn how to identify and draw these shapes, all while still having fun. It’s truly a great way to teach them, and above all else, they will enjoy the time spent doing what to them feels like playing. The longer you can help to keep their attention, the more they will learn.

Learning Is Vital for Future Success

No matter what you want for your child in preschool, the Montessori Singapore method can give them a great start. From shapes to numbers and even colors, children learn best when they’re having fun and spending time with loved adults. The Montessori method can be just what your child needs to do great during the school year.

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